During this tour we will see inthe mountain cliffs, ice which is not melt in the middle of hot desert in the summer time, beautiful sand dunes in Mongolia to climb to the top of their tallest point. during this time you will participate in the camel riding journey to witness the sunrise and sunset in the Gobi desert, will visit real nomadic family of the Mongolian Gobi during the tour by discovering their lifestyle, nomadic culture where you will find that you were unique and only one lucky visitor to see this place. You must see it just not to lose these unique memories. Also in Central region of Mongolia, travel in the high and beautiful forested mountains with continental pure and fresh air by watching the mirages in the horizons of the large steppes, to settle your tents in the shores of the rivers and lakes with clear waters close to the pastures of the horses, goats, muttons and yaks by your own eyes and meeting the local herders.
Last one is Gobi and Snow-capped Otgontenger Mountain:
During this tour we will build our tents in one of the highest snow-caped mountains in Mongolia, the Otgontenger Mountain which is a place that officially worshipped by our state authorities where we will make a fireplace to have interesting and warm conversations, the place where we will see thousands and thousands of the stars shining in the night sky by leaving us an unforgettable memory.

What's included

Tour price excludes:

⦁ Fuel (gas)
⦁ Well skilled driver

Tour guide:
⦁ English, Korean, and Chinese language speaking (who will also cook for you)

⦁ Mongolian and Asian cuisine
⦁ Khorkhog (Mongolian traditional cuisine) during the stays in the nomadic families)
⦁ Pure (mineral) water

⦁ Road taxes, museums, monasteries, special protected parks

⦁ Horseback riding
⦁ Camelback riding and other…

⦁ Tourist camps
⦁ Tents
⦁ Nomadic families

Travel equipment:
⦁ Kitchen
⦁ Tents and sleeping mats
⦁ Chairs and tables etc.

Tour price includes:

⦁ Personal drinks, sweets etc.