Kharkhorin city:
Kharkhorin – is a small village and one of the country’s major tourist destinations and historically known as Karakorum city.
Kharkhorin in 1206 Chinggis Khan established the Mongoila Great Empire and built the capital city of Karakorum. It is located on the right bank of Orkhon river, 400 km south-west of Ulaanbaatar which is the current capital of Mongolia. But in Mongolia, Kharkhorin remains a powerful symbol of past glory.

Erdenezuu monastery:
Erdenezuu monastery is the most oldest believed Buddhist temple in Mongolia. Also beautiful setting surrounded by 108 stupa with a lovely temple. The origin temple was destroyed in 1930s by the comminists.
Now it has few temple that are museums housing interesting thankhas and paintings, masks and statues.
You can not take photography inside temple. It has fee-paying. There is a great local guide at the museum who explain various artifacts and answer questions about Buddhist and the history of the site. Have a good enjoy Erdenezuu monastery….

What's included

Tour price excludes:

⦁ Fuel (gas)
⦁ Well skilled driver

Tour guide:
⦁ English, Korean, and Chinese language speaking (who will also cook for you)

⦁ Mongolian and Asian cuisine
⦁ Khorkhog (Mongolian traditional cuisine) during the stays in the nomadic families)
⦁ Pure (mineral) water

⦁ Road taxes, museums, monasteries, special protected parks

⦁ Horseback riding
⦁ Camelback riding and other…

⦁ Tourist camps
⦁ Tents
⦁ Nomadic families

Travel equipment:
⦁ Kitchen
⦁ Tents and sleeping mats
⦁ Chairs and tables etc.

Tour price includes:

⦁ Personal drinks, sweets etc.