Terelj National Park is located 55km northeast of Ulaanbaatar. it is a wonderful destination with beautiful natural rock formations including famous “Turtle Rock” which can be easily recognize because of its shape, beautiful scenery, and a Buddhist temple in spectacular surroundings.
This popular national park is characterised by picturesque alpine scenery. It offers great opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, and experience horse riding. Also you will visit Chinggis Khan statue complex which is world’s largest statue of a rider on a horse which is 40 meter high and named Tsonjin Boldog. This statue, showing Chinggis Khaan (1162-1227) with a golden whip in his right hand gazing into the distance. You will ascend to the exhibition hall using an elevator at the back of the horse and will walk to the horse’s head passing through its chest and the back of its neck from where they will have an excellent panoramic view over the complex area and the scenery beyond.
At the end, you will be drive back to Ulaanbaatar city.

What's included

Tour price excludes:

⦁ Fuel (gas)
⦁ Well skilled driver

Tour guide:
⦁ English, Korean, and Chinese language speaking (who will also cook for you)

⦁ Mongolian and Asian cuisine
⦁ Khorkhog (Mongolian traditional cuisine) during the stays in the nomadic families)
⦁ Pure (mineral) water

⦁ Road taxes, museums, monasteries, special protected parks

⦁ Horseback riding
⦁ Camelback riding and other…

⦁ Tourist camps
⦁ Tents
⦁ Nomadic families

Travel equipment:
⦁ Kitchen
⦁ Tents and sleeping mats
⦁ Chairs and tables etc.

Tour price includes:

⦁ Personal drinks, sweets etc.