During this tour we will not only visit the Khuvsgul Lake which positioned in the 2nd place of the lakes with clear waters in Asia and 14th place in the world but also visit the local reindeer herding people as Tsaatan to discover their traditional Tsaatan’s unique lifestyle, to make pictures with their reindeers, to have boat tours, bicycle tours and horseback riding tours in the deep forests; to see the cattle living nearby the rivers and sources that passes the green and vast steppes by making video records of the freely pastured horses, goats, muttons and yaks but also visiting the local nomadic families where we will taste the dairy and milk products; to relax in the waters of the waterfalls and mineral sources; to visit the Erdene-Zuu Monastery which is not only one of the biggest monastery of Buddhist religion but also located in the ruins of the first capital of the Great Mongol Empire, will also visit the tallest and largest equestrian statue in the world as the Genghis Khan statue and to have a horseback riding and trekking tours in Terelj area, the area with unique natural eco-system with strangely positioned rocks in the mountains; will make a fire to make a barbecue to have interesting and warm conversations; to see thousands and thousands of the stars shining in the night sky and will have the most beautiful moments which will leave an unforgettable memory in your life…

What's included

Tour price excludes:

⦁ Fuel (gas)
⦁ Well skilled driver

Tour guide:
⦁ English, Korean, and Chinese language speaking (who will also cook for you)

⦁ Mongolian and Asian cuisine
⦁ Khorkhog (Mongolian traditional cuisine) during the stays in the nomadic families)
⦁ Pure (mineral) water

⦁ Road taxes, museums, monasteries, special protected parks

⦁ Horseback riding
⦁ Camelback riding and other…

⦁ Tourist camps
⦁ Tents
⦁ Nomadic families

Travel equipment:
⦁ Kitchen
⦁ Tents and sleeping mats
⦁ Chairs and tables etc.

Tour price includes:

⦁ Personal drinks, sweets etc.